martedì 7 febbraio 2012

the street of fallin'ladies

There is a street in my old town
They call the Slippy One.
It's been the ruin of many high heeled girl,
And ladies too, at least one.
I’m glad I listened what Mama said,
When leaving home today.
Being so young and foolish, poor boy,
Would’ve spun as a bayblade on a tray.
Go tell my neighbours quick hurry on
Never to trust the ice like I have done
To walk on frozen streets in my old town
You’ll slip the whole way down.
My mother, she's my saviour,
She grabbed at my blue jeans.
My neighbour, she just skid past us, oh Lord,
Flat on her backside, away she rolled.
The only thing that stopped her
was a weed patch down the road.
So then we went to pick her up
Beware of the same destiny
all bruises and murky streaks,
Helped the poor lass get on her feet
‘tis a pleasure we get out of life
picking up ladies recently.
One tripped’a turnin’ on her platform shoes
And the other one slid on the icy street,
I'm gonna watch my step I promise now
I swear that, Mama, I will.
Going to school and back in my old town,
I believe you, no more shall I run, no.
Don’wanna sprain an ankle’n’spend the rest of my days
Regretting being a bandaged nincompoop.

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